Leak Detection

A lot of times, leaks are pretty obvious — like the ones that occur under your kitchen or bathroom sink. But others are not as easy to spot, and may cause a lot of damage before they are pinpointed and fixed. Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning is the only Palm Beach leak detection plumber you need to find the leaks in your home and stop them before they cause serious problems.

There are many different signs that you might have a leak in your home:

  • The sound of running water when you know no one is using a sink, tub, appliance or toilet
  • A water bill that just goes higher and higher despite the same general usage
  • The smell or appearance of mold or mildew
  • Wet spots on your ceiling or floor
  • Cracks appearing in your flooring or walls — these could indicate that your foundation is cracking, and that’s a serious problem.

If you have observed any of these signs and have reason to suspect a leak in your home, call us as soon as possible. With our sophisticated leak detection services, we can find the leak quickly and develop a plan for dealing with the problem. Our technicians are courteous, clean and won’t leave a mess in your home.

Don’t wait: Choose Smart Choice Plumbing & Air as your Palm Beach leak detection plumber. Call us today!