Sewer Camera

Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers Palm Beach sewer line camera inspection services that are useful in many ways. For example, a video camera inspection of your sewer line can:

  • Pinpoint sewer problems without tearing up your home to find them
  • Help you find lost objects that went down the drain
  • Let you know if your septic system needs maintenance or repairs before a problem develops
  • Determine whether your plumbing system is able to handle a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, or an addition to your home
  • Let you know if there are plumbing problems in a home you are considering buying — so you don’t take over problems from the previous owner

We use waterproof cameras with sophisticated technology to perform these non-invasive sewer line inspections and deliver quick, accurate results. And as with all our services, our Palm Beach sewer camera inspection services will be performed promptly, by courteous and professional technicians who make sure that whatever area they work in is as clean when they leave as it was when they arrived.
Call us today for a free estimate on our sewer line camera inspection services in Palm Beach, FL!