Water Heaters

When your hot water heater suddenly isn’t feeling so hot, you realize just how much you depend on it for bathing, washing dishes, and everything else you need hot water for! Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers the residents of Palm Beach, FL water heater repair to get your water heater functioning again, as well as water heater service and inspection to help prevent bigger problems down the road.

Our team of expert plumbers and air conditioning specialists have more than 20 years of combined experience, and many loyal customers to show for it. Our technicians can quickly diagnose your hot water heater’s problem and give you a quote for a course of action — whether that means water heater repair or replacement.

And once the job is done, we’ll leave the area as clean as it was before we worked on your water heater. We have a reputation for being prompt, clean and reasonably priced, which is why we can offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on water heater service and all our other services in Palm Beach. Call us today for a free estimate!